Wake Up Call

Pastor Creates Website to Shame Bad Tippers

Remember the "I give God 10 percent. Why do you get 18?" scandal from last year? Well, one Tennessee pastor has created a website to show that both he and God care about servers' tips. "Sundays Are the Worst" is meant to be an outlet for servers in pastor Chad Roberts' area to gripe about his parish's bad tipping habits after church and so far Roberts has offered each complaint a personal apology.

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Personal apologies don't pay the bills, but if Roberts aims for damage control, this is certainly a great way to do it. Maybe he's got a future in PR if the whole God thing doesn't pan out. Either way, the campaign to end un-Christianly tipping and treatment of servers, which launched this month, will culminate in Roberts urging his flock to double the customary tip amount on Easter Sunday and tell them it's because they appreciate them, according to Eater. We're pretty sure we would've cried like sissies if someone said they appreciated us in our serving days.

Though Sunday will wrap the site for this year, Roberts plans to launch a similar campaign next year. But you don't have to be in Tennessee to tip your server double for no reason. Just do it. Seriously. Be nice.

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