Wake Up Call

Become a Sommelier and Make Chicken Shawarma in Today's Eater's Digest

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Hey wine lovers -- ever think about becoming a Sommelier?  Maybe it's time to put your passion for wine to good use or at least be able to tell you friends that yes, you do in fact have a degree in drinking when they question your knowledge. This Sunday kicks off the next round of Sommelier training at the Art Institute of Phoenix. For 12 weeks, the program will teach you the fundamentals of wine including terminology, service techniques, and basic food and wine pairings. Pass this class and you are on your way to being able to call yourself a wine pro! Call 866-412-0464 for more details. 

Shawarma at Home

Take a break from the cookies, cupcakes, and other sugary baked goods and make a real meal this weekend. This might be the best looking chicken shawarma we have ever seen. Tender marinated chicken and over baked potatoes? It's like we have died and gone to food heaven. Click here to check out the recipe and see more beautiful photos of this dish. 

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