Tortas El Rey's Regal Offering

This week: The monstrous King of Tortas, served up by Tortas El Rey

¿Como se dice?: Man vs. Food's Adam Richman and our own Zach Fowle's Feasts of Fury demonstrate that here in the Valley, the more cartoonish the food, the more willing people are to subject themselves to some good old-fashioned American overindulgence. 

Arizonans have their fair share of absurd family-size menu items masquerading as single serving dishes: 48 oz steaks, 3 foot hot dogs, 100 oz of burger fixins, and a sense of shame that can't be washed away. Thankfully, when we get sick of downing a couple dozen chicken wings, we've got more Mexi-fied options on the menu. Mondo burritos that could feed a small village, mounds of guacamole to turn our arteries into a slip 'n' slide, and monstrous tortas the size of our own addled brain.

Man vs. Food's Adam Richman highlighted one of these absurd hangovers on a bun from Los Reyes de la Torta, but Sunnyslope can be a bit far to travel for a food coma. Enter Tortas El Rey (formerly Tortas la Presas), a colorful torta joint just north of McDowell on 24th Street. It's regal King of Tortas sandwich comes packed with a mind-blowing amount of meat, cheese, and veg piled high. 

(sink your teeth into all the spicy details after the jump)

La Comida: One buttered and toasted telera (a specific type of soft Mexican roll also known as bolillo) sandwiches thin-cut breaded beef (milanesa), sliced pork (puerco), a rectangle of ham (jamon), chorizo, bacon, sliced hot dogs, melty white cheese, fried eggs, avocado, tomato, jalapenos, onions and escabeche!

With potato chips on the side, natch.

El Sabor: We're just lucky that we had a partner in crime and three little carnivores (dogs) at the ready to finish off any meaty bits our poor gullets couldn't handle. For eight bucks, this torta could potentially last for more than three meals. Or after the novelty has worn off, toast up a new telera and scavenge the ravaged remains of your sandwich to create at least two or three more manageable meals. 

For the less intrepid, Tortas El Rey also has a variety of other delicious offerings that will not test your intestinal fortitude. Their carne asada and milanesa are both excellent choices. And a bottle of Mexican coke, or a tall glass of horchata (lightly sweetened rice milk drink) never hurt anybody.

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