Guilty Pleasures

Oreo O's: Straight from South Korea

The Guilty Pleasure: Oreo O's Cereal Where to Get It: eBay, Amazon and South Korea Price: About $20 including shipping What it Really Costs: An explanation to the manager of the Post Office that you really did order breakfast cereal shipped directly from Korea.

As one of the most delicious cereals in history, Oreo O's were sadly discontinued everywhere other than South Korea in 2007 due to a split between Post (who owns the cereal) and Kraft (who owns Oreos). For us, it marked the end of the simpler times of childhood, the Saturday morning cartoons and overflowing plates at family meals with our grandparents.

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There's a pretty good chance that you don't remember Oreo O's from when they were sold in this country (1998-2007), but if you were a part of the target audience at the time (young enough to eat super sugary breakfast cereals but old enough to know how awesome Oreos are), then it just might've been your favorite cereal ever.

We fall into that second category.

Apparently, a box of Oreo O's only sets you back about $5 in Korea. Unfortunately, shipping it stateside costs an extra $15 or so. Buying in bulk can save you some money, but it's still going to be some of the most expensive breakfast cereal still being produced. Is it worth it? Absolutely.