Wake Up Call

Burger King Japan Will Give You 15 Pieces of Bacon For 100 Yen

The video above, set to some jaunty steel drum music, appears to depict the consumption of Burger King's newest monstrosity. Unsatisfied with introducing the bacon sundae for testing, Burger King has decided to push their extremist bacon agenda overseas.

Their next target: Japan.

The ad above proclaims that the King will soon allow people to exchange a paltry 100 yen (roughly $1 US) for 15 glorious pieces of cured pork belly.

The rest of the ad is less obvious and we puzzled over it with a former New Times staffer and well known Japanophile . As far as he could tell, this is an offer good on virtually every burger Burger King offers. It would also appear that you can get three additional pieces of bacon for just 60 yen more. We can only hope that Burger King's new ad campaign for their bacon burger will be half as disturbing as their ad for the triple whopper.

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