Chow Bella's One-Stop Guide to Metro Phoenix Food Trucks: When and Where to Find Them

News flash: The Phoenix food truck scene has exploded over the last year. If you haven't been keeping up (or if you're living under some sort of giant, crushing rock) you might be missing out on some exciting new eats to hit the Valley streets. To be fair, food trucks do move...a lot, and it's easy for the casual food truck diner to lose track of which truck is where, and when.

Luckily, we're here to clarify and have gathered a list of weekly food truck events where you can typically catch some of metro Phoenix's favorite mobile eateries. While not an all-inclusive list -- many trucks' schedules vary from week to week, which is why we say you can "expect" to find them -- our list hits the most popular and populated food truck courts in the Valley.

So grab a map and your weekly planner. Your schedule's about to get real full. (Know of some food truck info we should include in our next round-up? Tell us so in the comments section.)

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