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Cornish Pasty Co. Expanding Tempe Location: Think Music, Pool, More Pasties

More pasties? Yes, please.

Cornish Pasty Co., owner Dean Thomas' concept named after Cornwall, England, and featuring variations on the pasty (pronounced pass-tee), the savory turnover made up of a crust enfolding a meat-and-potato filling, is expanding its Tempe location. (A second restaurant exists in Mesa.)

For those that think the hip, railroad-car-size establishment could use the extra elbow room, the news is all good. And for those who liked the hip, railroad-car-size room (like yours truly), there's good news on that front, too.

"We wanted to answer the demand for more pasties," manager Doug Stuckey tells me. "And the added space will be good for both our customers and the staff."

Stuckey tells me that the expanded space will be used for the kitchen and an additional dining area with a bar, pool table, and possibly a stage for live music.

And for those (like myself) who enjoy the Tempe location's small, darkened hallway of a space where the pasty production gets up close and personal, Stuckey tells me that room won't change a bit.

"The extra space will be on the other side of that room, on the north end of the building," he says. "We'll just be changing a few doorways in the original space."

Stuckey anticipates the construction should be complete in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for details.

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