Wake Up Call

Sushi Cologne. That's Right, Sushi Cologne.

Ready for brand new aroma to spice up your life? How about a "pick-me-up" cologne redolent in the smells of sushi? Or more specifically, a cologne that smells like sushi rice and seaweed with a hint of lemon essence.

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That's what perfume manufacturer Demeter is offering on their webpage. The aroma of seaweed and rice can be infused into everything from bath wash to massage oil. That's right, Demeter is offering the chance to rub sushi smell all over someone you love. Which, to be fair, isn't unheard of.

The real question is if this perfume actually works as a fragrance. The reviews on the Demeter page seem rather positive although most note that it smells more like citrus than anything else. Although one reviewer noted that it smelled disturbingly like licorice rather than fresh sushi. Independent review sites were significantly less generous though. Reviewers primarily complained that the fragrance failed to actually smell anything like sushi. Many also noted that the smell faded quickly and was far to subtle for most uses.

Of course Demeter isn't a stranger to odd smells. They've even come out with an Orange Rim Cleaner fragrance, in case the smell of industrial solvents is what really gets your blood pumping. Further, it's fair to note that being doused in sushi smell is probably less creepy/horrifying than being doused in blood and semen accented perfume.

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