Five Favorite Patios for Dining and Drinking in Metro Phoenix

Let's face it, if anyone should be celebrating the death of summer, it's Phoenix. And what better way to do so than by dining on the killer patio digs of one of our awesome local restaurants. Here are five of our favorite patio spots around town that we've been waiting oh-so-impatiently to chill out on.

5. St. Francis
Whether it's the sweet jams of local jazz veteran Dennis Rowland, the inspired food, or the cool and cozy decor, we can easily spend an entire day on the patio of this Cen-Pho eatery. The open, bright, and happy ambiance of St. Francis is worship-worthy. And hey, at least we're spending a day with some type of Saint.

Cool down on the rest of our cool patio picks, after the jump.

4. Cibo Urban Wine & Pizzeria

There's something that makes us feel very urban about dining on the tree-covered front porch of this downtown Phoenix gem. It's not just the authentic Italian pizza and global wine selection, it's the experience of enjoying great pizza and great wine on a beautiful patio located in the cultural heart of the city.

3. The Herb Box
When it comes to Old Town Scottsdale, there a very few patios that aren't overwhelmed by what can, let's admit it, quickly become a pretty cheesy scene. The Herb Box, located smack dab in the center of SouthBridge, is our favorite place to hang in this 'hood, with a clean, upscale allure and a posh patio to match. Sunday brunch on this canal-side patio is the kind of fall weather event we live for.

2. House of Tricks

When a popular local restaurant takes a summer vacation, it's probably because the rest of us should be taking one, too. Triple digit heat is a serious buzz-kill, especially for a place that's made up almost entirely of epic patio seating. Well, House of Tricks is back, baby, and so is our excitement to dine on their charming cottage-style patio.

1. Postino Central

Let's face it, a place that makes us feel weird if we don't order an early afternoon glass of wine (or two or five) with our delectable brushcetta board lunch is okay totally awesome in our book. Whether it's the entertaining staff, dual inside/outside bar seating,
or the $5 price tag on any glass of wine before 5 p.m., sipping midday libations on this stylish Midtown patio is functional day-drinking behavior at its finest. Cheers to soaking up cooler weather in an even cooler Cen-Pho setting.

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