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Aaron May Dishes About Why He Pisses People Off and Describes His Last Supper (You'll Love the Dessert)

This is part two of my interview with Aaron May, chef-partner of Praying Monk, Over Easy, The Lodge, Mabel's on Main and May's Counter in Tucson. If you missed part one, where May talks about whether he's a chef, a restaurateur or a party boy -- and what I learned (full disclosure) in a year of working for him -- read it here.

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Most under-rated ingredient: Salt. There are dozens of types of salt I like to use, but people are scared of it so I think it's often overlooked.

Something always found in your kitchen: Cottage cheese. I eat plain, load it with jalapeños and radish. I also put it in the robot coupe and use it as a base for sauces and dips. It's another versatile ingredient that's too often overlooked.