Last Call

Great Drinks Take (More) Time: The Ramos Gin Fizz

Last week, I covered a great drink that takes a little while to make properly, the Daiquiri. In so doing, I mentioned the other great drink that takes a long time to make well, the Ramos Gin Fizz... and then swept it under the rug. Sure enough, a commenter noticed what I did, and asked why I gave it short shrift. I love the Ramos enough that it deserves its own article, not a footnote after the Daiquiri. Concerned Drinker, your patience has paid off.

The Ramos Fizz is one of the finest things out of New Orleans, right up there with Dixieland jazz and the Muffuletta sandwich. At brunch, it's better than mimosas. It has light soda bubbles, tangy citrus, smooth cream, velvety egg white, and intriguing botanical notes from orange flower water and gin.

And it's a royal pain in the ass to make.

It's the damned egg white. It gives the drink a downright seductive texture. Without it, a Ramos Fizz is just a Tom Collins with a splash of cream. Problem is, you have to shake the absolute bejeezus out of the drink to get the egg white to fully emulsify. How long, you ask? A full minute of hard shaking. Your arms feel like they're going to fall off two thirds of the way through. Then you add ice and shake it for another twenty seconds. To make it worse, since there's no ice in the shaker on the first shake, you don't get as good of a seal on the shaker. You get lightly sprayed with what you'd rather drink. What to do?