Chow Bella

In Season Deli's Back With Original Owner

By Michele Laudig

Lydia Ruiz didn't expect to be back in business at In Season Deli, but now that she's in the swing of things, she's happy to be in her old digs.

Ruiz owned the Mill Avenue eatery for 27 years, but sold it a year ago after she broke her wrist and needed a break. When the new owner fell behind in payments, Ruiz decided to take back her business and give the place a thorough cleaning. "They never maintained it," she adds.

In Season Deli reopened two weeks ago, and Ruiz says that although she's kept menu staples like her famous veggie tamales, she's added new salads and more healthful choices.

"Especially with the Co-Op gone, people want a place for healthy food," she says.

In Season Deli, 414 S. Mill, is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 480-731-5007 for info.