RESQWATER Revisited: The Hangover Remedy is No Longer Vomit-inducing

About a month ago we reviewed a new locally-made hangover remedy called RESQWATER. The verdict was, shall we say, less than favorable because whether or not the stuff works it tasted so "vitaminy" that it was a real task to actually swallow (and this was after a night that included numerous liquor shots).

Shorty after, we got an email from the company saying that RESQWATER recently "reformulated" the original Apricot White Tea flavor and added a second flavor, Pomegranate, that "has done super well in taste testing."

So with both new flavors in purse, we bit the bullet and went out boozin' again (just to test its efficiency, of course).

The result left a much better taste in our mouths.

The Pomegranate had a pleasant mildly sweet flavor to it that tasted better cold, but was still totally drinkable at room temperature. The Apricot White Tea still wasn't great, but much easier to stomach than the original recipe.

Hooray for taste improvement, not to mention that it actually worked on the hangover. You're supposed to drink this stuff before bed, but that tends to be a difficult detail to remember when you're plastered at 3am, so this little drunkard woke up with a cement block for a head before chugging about half a bottle of each flavor.

Within the hour, headache was gone, and there were no other immediate signs of a hangover either.

Nice save, RESQWATER.