Weekend Eats

Three Things to Eat, Drink, and Bake this Weekend

Happy Pre July 4th weekend, Chow Bella friends!

Since we don't want to over do it before the big Wednesday holiday (can't we just move it to Friday this year?), we're taking it easy with a cool tomato sandwich, a relaxing wine tasting, and a batch of summery cupcakes.

Check out what's on our plate.

Eat This: Tomato Sandwich from Bryan's Black Mountain BBQ -- If you're getting tired of the same ol' sandwich, then head out to Cave Creek for one of these cool summer sandwiches from Bryan's. The seasonal sandwich is packed full of thick sliced locally grown tomatoes, red onions, and crisp watercress. Pile that all on two slices of butter grilled white bread and finish it off with a sprinkle of pecan smoked salt and molasses-kissed mayo -- and you've got yourself one of the best summer sandwiches in town. It's only available for a short time, so hurry and get one before Bryan takes it off the menu!

Drink This: AZ Stronghold Wines from Cheuvront -- With all the attention turned toward the world of craft beer, we sometimes forget about our old friend wine. This weekend, renew your love affair with wine at Cheuvront's Arizona Stronghold Wine Tasting. Saturday, from 3 - 4:30 p.m. join the downtown wine & cheese cafe for samples of a variety of Arizona Stronghold wines and a tapas plate for just $15. Space is limited, call 602-307-0022 to save your spot.

Bake This: Cherry Limeade Cupcakes -- Nothing says summer like a batch of cherry limeade cupcakes. Okay, maybe there are several other things that scream summer, but these still hint at it a lil' bit, right? Either way, these beauts have been calling our name since we saw them on Fabulous You's blog last week, and we're finally going to make them this weekend. The recipe calls for a box of cake mix, so even you novice bakers should be able to master this recipe. Don't forget the cherry!

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