Rips Liquor Makes Surf-inspired Booze Popsicles

For many, the time in March when schools suspend classes for a week (commonly referred to as "spring break") is just around the corner; and nothing screams "SPRING BREEEEAAAAK!!!!" (sorry, can't resist an opportunity) quite like guzzling icy booze in the warm sunlight amongst your dearest nearly nude acquaintances.

Tempe-based alcohol company Rips Liquor truly understands your spring break yearnings. You know you can trust 'em because the founders are ASU alumni.

Jason Rosell and Nathan Wilken came up with the idea for Rips in 2002 while enjoying Popsicles by the pool. If only Popsicles could get you drunk ... bingo.

Introducing Rips: ready-to-consume frozen mixed shots packaged in 100ml (3.4 oz.) pouches. Rips contain 10% alcohol by volume and freeze into an Otter Pop-like treat (sans the kid-friendly otter drawings).

Rips come in three flavors, all named for famous surf breaks. "Jaws" is an Apple Martini, "Mavericks" is a Strawberry Daiquiri and "Cortez" is a Rum Punch.

Last month Rips Liquor signed an agreement with Pitcher of Nectar Distributing to launch these suckers statewide. They'll be sold frozen at Valley bars for about $5 a pop, and will also be available at Tempe-area liquor stores in a variety 6-pack for about $12.99.

There couldn't be a more appropriate time and place for the Rips launch party than Saturday, March 20th (the last weekend of ASU's spring break), at Kokomo Havasu in Lake Havasu City.

Sounds like a "SPRING BREEEEAAAAK!!!!" finale you won't soon forget (assuming you recollect it the next morning).