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Porn Sex Versus Real Sex Explained Through Food Imagery (NSFW)

In most cases, when food and sex mix, we're not really into it. But in this case, things have a taken a turn toward the educational, and we think we'll make an exception. The definitely NSFW video below highlights alarming differences between porn sex and real-life sex in a creative and funny way, by using food.

And you thought putting a condom on a cucumber in school was as sexy as you'd ever get with veggies.

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The video was created by New York film production company Kornhaber Brown to raise awareness about fundamental differences between what goes down in Internet porn and what usually happens in the bedroom. Apparently, there are a lot of differences, so the company raided the kitchen to educate the Internet.

What type of facts are we talking about here? Well, one statistic presented in the video claims, "In real life, 75 percent of men ejaculate within three minutes." It's a realization that will either have you sighing in relief or bursting with pride. And good for you if it's the latter.

The Huffington Post says it asked the production company for the sources of their information but was able to obtain only the following response via e-mail:

"While the stats are based on credible sources, such as Jon Millward's Deep Inside study, we'd rather stay out of a discussion about scientific, sexual health, or social impact issues." Gillian Weeks, head of sales and development.

Regardless, it's a pretty entertaining and potentially comforting clip to watch.

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