Zach Ogle's Hop Suicide

​Yesterday we met Zach Ogle, the beer geek pouring drinks at Papago Brewing Co. The bartenders at Papago love to mix beers together, and today Ogle shares with us the recipe for one such mix: the Hop Suicide.

Because it's a simple combination of whatever hoppy stuff Papago happens to currently have on tap, the Hop Suicide is an ever-changing beverage, though it's always filled with the spicy snap of citrus, pine, grass and flowers.

The ingredients:
Avery IPA
Papago Hopago IPA
Anderson Valley Black IPA
Anderson Valley Bahl Hornin Imperial Boont Amber Ale

How to make it:
Mix equal parts of every beer in a 16-ounce mug or pint glass. Or, get to Papago and ask for one of your own -- you'll never know what you'll get.