V-Day Treats: Fondue + Scantily Clad Babes at Le Chalet

For the past few weeks, we've pummeled you with Valentine's Day dinner info: steak and lobster, 5-course menus, chef's specials, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. If you're still not stoked for the lover's holiday, we've got one last ditch effort to turn you on (to a romantic dinner out, that is). On Saturday, February 12, the girls of burlesque group Provacatease will make an appearance at Le Chalet in Glendale, with special guest Cat Klotsche spitting out erotic poetry.

Tickets are only $12 each. There's a $10 minimum on food and drink, but compared to the usual V-Day weekend dinner prices that's a steal. Le Chalet's regular menu will be served, which includes oven-roasted cheese tarts, cheese and chocolate fondues, salted butter caramel crepes and the savory Savoyarde crepe with potatoes, bacon and Raclette cheese. If you're sweetheart's on a diet, there's even a low-calorie menu that doesn't suck. The smoked salmon blinis and Bretonne crepe with creamed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, ham and egg taste downright decadent, yet have less than 200 calories each. If nothing else, you can save your calories for Le Chalet's more sinful desserts.

Dinner seating begins at 8 p.m.; show starts at 10. Visit the Provacatease website for tickets and call 602-337-8760 for dinner reservations (recommended).