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The House at Secret Garden's Wine Dinner and Ox Tail Soup in Today's Eater's Digest

Seasonal Feast
Didn't get enough of dinner under the stars last week? Well, here's your chance to really have dinner under the stars on one of the best patios in town. South Phoenix's House at Secret Garden will be hosting a "Four Seasons Around the World" wine dinner tomorrow, November 15th at 7 p.m. 

Celebrate "Springtime in Alsace" (that's in France) with a roulade of Honeycrisp apples, Munster cheese and sweet duck prosciutto on a spring salad with rosemary dressing. Then bring it back to the States for the "Summer in Finger Lakes" (New York) course with steamed East Coast Black Mussels in an heirloom tomato & white wine broth with new peas and fingerling potatoes. Spend Autumn in Burgundy (France again) by dining on a sage-roasted duck breast with a pinot noir demi glace. 

Finish up with "Winter in Tuscany" -- house made pappardelle pasta served with wild boar sausage and winter 'shrooms. Each course will be served with a wine from the region and a surprise dessert end the night. Dinner is $65 ++ per person. Call 602-243-8539 to RSVP. 

Tail Soup
Ox Tail Soup? Heck yes. It's the furthest thing from pie we could find. Besides, there is no reason to be afraid of a little tail -- it's still meat. Make a batch of this warm noodle and tail soup to warm you up on a chilly night. Click here for the recipe and bonus step-by-step pictures. 

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