Chow Bella

Still No Leads on Richardson's Fire

Looks like the jury's still out on what caused the Richardson's fire two weeks ago, though investigators are getting closer to finding the cause, according to spokesperson Frank Salomon.

Phoenix Fire Department Investigator Marika McCue has teamed up with three insurance companies, and expect to issue a report on what caused the fire late next week.

When the report finally comes out, the media will be all over it.

"We've had more attention on this restaurant than any other restaurant in many years," said Salomon. "Richardson's had a following -- it was a landmark around here, and all of us are bummed out that it's gone."

I'll say. Owner Richardson Browne was so burnt out on media calls that he had a friend return New Times inquiries about whether he'd be reopening his popular New Mexican restaurant. (He will, his friend said. When it'll open is another question.)

In the meantime, Richardson's former menu will be served at Rokerji -- another restaurant owned by Browne at 16th Street and Bethany Home.