Chow Bella

Deathwish Coffee: 200 Percent More Caffeine Than a Coffee Shop, and We Believe It

A few weeks ago I came across Deathwish Coffee and was instantly intrigued. I promptly placed an order; the package came in, and that's when shit got real.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with attractive packing and . . . a warning label.

This is what its website has to say about the coffee "Here at Deathwish Coffee Company we have found a coffee bean with close to 200 percent as much caffeine as your typical coffee shop coffee; we roast it to a medium-dark for a strong and robust flavor and then we grind it to the proper level for extreme potency. Oh, really? Challenge accepted. Sort of. Here's what happened when I tried a cup (or three) of the self-proclaimed "world's strongest coffee."