Urban Wine Walk This Saturday: Like a Stroll Through the City, Except on the Light Rail, and With Alcohol

With the punishing heat of summer finally looking as if it's going to change its Facebook status to "Over," those of us who have been patiently getting plastered indoors with a glass or two of vino can finally take our imbibing outside (and put some clothes on) at the fourth annual Urban Wine Walk.

Taking place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Saturday, September 24, the Urban Wine Walk invites participants to ride the light rail to major stops in Downtown Phoenix, Tempe and Uptown Phoenix, then hoof it to participating restaurants offering a minimum of three wine samples plus goodies from the kitchen -- all at crap-ass-economy prices ($2-$4)!

Check out the list of seventeen participants (they include District American Kitchen and Wine Bar, The Rose and Crown, Nobuo at Teeter House, and Hula's Modern Tiki), a handy map, and find out why you should show up early to the Phoenix Public Market after the jump.

Looking for a hand out? Wine walkers that get to the Phoenix Public Market Urban Grocery & Wine Bar early will recieve a free gift bag filled with Downtown Phoenix goodies and coupons.

Participating bars and restaurants, a map of the walk, and wine and snack details, are below. Can't read 'em? Me neither. They can also be viewed here.

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