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Deodorant Candy: The Edible, Bulgarian Solution to Body Odor

We have our dear friends in Bulgaria to thank for the extra six seconds we can now gain in the morning by ditching the deodorant and popping back an edible perfume.

Introducing Deo Perfume Candy.

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Beneo, a U.S. company, is working with Bulgarian confectioner Alpi -- the company responsible for the smelly candy: Each piece tastes and smells like the roses popular in Bulgaria.

The candy's creators cite research by Japanese scientists: "Their studies showed that when ingested, rose oil exudes aromatic compounds, such as geraniol, through the skin. When evaporating through the skin, geraniol aromatizes it with a beautiful rose fragrance."

Four pieces of Deo Perfume Candy contain about 12 mg of geraniol. According to Beneo, how much you smell like roses and for how long depends on your body weight -- a 145-pound person can excrete a "floral aroma" for up to six hours.

But at $10 per bag (with 18 pieces), plus added scowls on the elevator and a zero percent chance of seducing anyone within a 10-foot radius, you might want give up the six seconds.

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