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Is Cartel Coffee Lab Getting Ready to Brew Beer?

​It looks like the folks behind Cartel Coffee Lab are brewing up a little something different -- beer. 

Ever since the popular Tempe location took over the adjacent space, the rumors having been flying about what exactly they are going to do with the extra square footage. We have heard a rather bright array of speculations. Everything from a lounge (no to-go drinks allowed!) to a movie theater (ha!) to a restaurant to a grow house (no joke). 

Then we heard it was going to be a brewery. And we got kind of excited. Cartel makes a mean cup of coffee -- how could they fuck up beer? 

And it makes total and complete sense. Once you have mastered the art of roasting perfect beans and can make an outstanding cup of coffee the next logical step would be beer brewing, right? I mean in case you haven't heard, craft beers are all the rage. 

Once we saw the liquor license application sign posted in the window of the Tempe coffeehouse last week, we immediately sent an email to owner Jason Silberschlag asking for the details about the new, supposed brewery.  

All we got out of him was, "We are shooting for Jan. 1st, but you never can tell with government ;)" 

We'll keep you up to date with the details but 2012 may be a great year for the Arizona craft beer scene. Fingers crossed.

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