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Amy's Baking Company PR Firm Severs Relationship with Restaurant; Tuesday's Press Conference Cancelled Due to Kitchen Nightmares Producers and "Online Bullies"

As part of the shit-show gift that keeps on giving, Rose+Moser+Allyn Public & Online Relations, the Scottsdale-based PR firm helmed by Jason Rose, has announced it has ended its relationship with Amy's Baking Company -- if you could even call it a relationship. The Scottsdale-based company picked up the controversial restaurant (and its high-strung owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo) as clients less than a week ago.

How's that for a publicity stunt for a publicity company's sake? Looks like Amy and Samy just got "hated on" again.

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But that's not all. Oh, heavens no. That's just half the story.

A press release issued by Rose's company today has stated that the first-place winners of the most epic social media breakdown in history, the Bouzaglos, have cancelled Tuesday's press conference, where they were to address "falsehoods about their business depicted on a reality television show, including assertions that the restaurant confiscates tips from servers" due to legal threats from the producers of Kitchen Nightmares and threats of a non-legal nature by -- who else -- the "online bullies."

A portion of the letter from the producers of Kitchen Nightmares reads as follows:

Although tomorrow's press conference has been cancelled, the press release goes on to say that Amy's "Grand Re-Opening" event (now referred to as a "Grand Re-Opening Week" but with the same objective -- to let customers decide who is right: Kitchen Nightmares celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay or the "marketplace that has supported the small, locally owned business for six years") will commence Tuesday as planned. Interested? Good luck getting a table in the near future. More than 1,000 reservations have been made since the event was announced last week.

In addition, 10 percent of the grand re-opening week's proceeds will go to benefit the Megan Meier Foundation, an organization dedicated to combat the effects of cyber-bullying.

The press release adds that the Bouzaglos insist that their social media sites were hacked following the airing of the Kitchen Nightmares episode, that an incident report was filed with the Scottsdale Police Department, and that the couple "may soon be providing additional information on cyber-attacks leveled against them including ones by an organized group."

In other words, stay tuned.

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