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The Lemon Chalet Creme Girl Scout Cookie Conundrum

To eat them or not to eat them?

News has spread of a recall of some Lemon Chalet Creme Girl Scout cookies. Frankly, this is not as upsetting as, say, news regarding Thin Mints or Tagalongs.

Still, those lemon cookies have their fans.

Yesterday we got some bad information from a local Cookie Mom. Turns out that yes, some of the affected batches of cookies did, in fact, reach Arizona.

The good news is that they are safe to eat; they just aren't up to the baker's "standards".

Don't know about you, but we'll be sticking to Thin Mints. Concerned about your Lemon Chalets? Straight from the Girl Scouts, here's a list of affected serial numbers so you can check your box before you chow down.