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The Simple Farm Offers Classes For Growers and Backyard Farmers

If you're ready to get your grow "on" for Fall, but aren't sure where to start or are looking to develop new skills, The Simple Farm is the place to be. You can spend a lovely morning in late September or October on the farm and take a "simple inspiration" class for a very affordable $15 to $25.

From container gardening to cheese making, there really is something for everyone. Promise.

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Farmer Lylah Ledner says, "We believe everyone needs to be encouraged and inspired to do things they don't believe they can or to try again with those things they've failed in. We also believe everyone should grow their own food - or at least connect with others to grow food together and share the food they grow."

The Simple Farm's classes are very accessible and there are many in the works that haven't been formally scheduled yet (like jam making and raising goats), so stay tuned. If you're having trouble choosing, note that all of the classes fall into one of the three categories:

The First Track: "Gardening" - Everything you need to know about how to grow food. This includes beginning gardening and container gardening here in Arizona. Perfect if you're condo or apartment dweller or urbanite.

The Second Track: "Your BackYard Livestock" - How to Raise Back Yard Chickens and Back Yard Goats. "We're all about the goat - and want everyone to know how amazing they are and they can actually raise two (smaller breed) goats in their backyard (bigger backyard) and of course chickens," says Ledner.

The Third Track: "Reclaiming the Domestic Arts." Ah! The pursuit of reclaiming the domestic arts and restoring the dignity and what Ledner calls "the splendor of the meal table."

Many similar classes are scheduled back to back, so you can spend one hour to three hours at the farm. Ready to own your back yard with your skills? Here's the schedule.

September 22 - 1:15 pm - Raising Backyard Chickens This class on this day will have baby chicks for sale. This class covers breeds, caring for chicks, first eggs and care.

September 26 - 9 am - Beginning Gardening

September 26 -10:15 am - Growing Herbs - Culinary and Medicinal

October 3 - 9 am - Container Gardening You'll learn container options and what soil to use for containers as well as sunlight, water and space needs.

October 3 - 10:15 am - Sprouting - How To and Why You Should Boost your nutrition in two minutes a day by sprouting! This turns seeds into nutritional powerhouses.

October 6 - 1:15 pm - Raising Back Yard Chickens

October 10 - 9 am - Growing Herbs - Culinary and Medicinal

October 13 - 3 pm - Basic Cheese Making

October 17 - 9 am - Composting

October 20 - 1:15 pm - Preserving The Harvest You'll learn about the process of canning, the equipment necessary and which type of canning is used for what types of food. There will even be a demonstration on how to use a pressure canner.

October 20 - 3 pm - How to Prune Your Fruit Trees

October 27 - 3 pm - Basic Cheese-Making

"I'm so passionate about our inspiration workshops and the response has been says people are looking for what we are offering," says Ledner. You can register for all classes at The Simple Farm here. They also offer a farm membership and seasonal farm market.

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