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Amy's Baking Company Owner Allegedly Threatened Customer With a Knife (VIDEO)

Things have been quiet on the Crazy Amy front, but this weekend, the infamous couple exploded back onto the national scene in a big way.

According to a 911 call to the Scottsdale Police Department, Amy's Baking Company owner "Samy" Salomon Bouzaglo threatened a customer with a knife on Saturday afternoon.

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Video of the incident released this morning by TMZ appears to show the notoriously hotheaded Samy waving a knife while screaming obscenities at the customer. His cat-loving wife and co-owner of the restaurant, Amy, is seen restraining him while also berating the customer, at one point yelling, "You mother ****ing piece of sh*t coward!"

According the 911 call to the Scottsdale Police Department, a customer came into Amy's Baking Company around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The police report indicates that he may have been drunk. When the customer began to complain about the service at the restaurant, a verbal argument began between the customer and owner Samy Bouzaglo.

The argument continued outside the restaurant, where Amy and Samy continued to follow the customer and yell obscenities as he left with the rest of his party. At one point, the police report says, Samy is accused of going back into the restaurant and re-emerging with a knife, which he then waved at the customer, yelling "You ****!" Amy also continued to verbally abuse the customer before escorting her husband back into the restaurant. (The Scottsdale police didn't specify what **** stands for.)

By the time the police arrived, the unknown male victim had already left. Videos of the incident were reviewed, but no charges are pending at this time.

The couple told TMZ the sharp-looking item was a silver pen, not a knife.

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo's claim to fame stems from their appearance in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares from 2013. In it, the couple is yalls at customers (surprise!), takes tips from their employees, and acts generally horrible -- so horrible in fact, they cause host Gordon Ramsay to abandon the restaurant for the first time in the show's history.

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