Caramel Tea

With Caramelpalooza only days away, all of us here at Chow Bella are feeling caramel crazy with excitement. So the question came up can you have a thrifty, tasty, quick caramel treat? Indeed -- and in a simple sip-it-down liquid form.

Learn how to make a creamy caramel tea after the jump.


3 C of milk
3 Tblspn loose black tea
6 wrapped candy caramels

1. Un-wrap and melt 6 candy caramels in a sauce pan on low heat

2. Measure out 3 tablespoons of loose black tea and add to a tea pot strainer

3. Pour 3 cups of milk into the sauce pan with melt caramel and bring to a boil

4. Pour milk/caramel mixture over tea and allow to steep for 5 minutes

5. Serve hot in tea cups