Caroline Van Slyke's Perfect Food Day

Caroline Van Slyke​

Caroline Van Slyke has a little half-acre organic urban farm in Arcadia called BOHO Farm and Home. Her passion is to share her harvest, build community and inspire others to eat from their yards.

She opens up her home and farm for events ranging from an Annual Farmers/Flea Market, Pick Your Own Fruit day, jam making classes, to Brunch At The Coop.

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Here is her perfect food day...

Get up early and walk up to LGO (that's La Grande Orange, for the uninitiated) and get a MJ Bread baguette. Bring it home, slather it with really good French or Irish butter and top it with our homemade Rose Petal Jelly and have it with some Turkish Coffee from the Middle Eastern Bakery on 16th Street, then have my husband's Thomas Keller-inspired quiche that is so light, like a custard and made with our farm fresh eggs and served with whatever fruit is ripe on our farm.

Lunch: For lunch it is hands down, San Carlos Bay Resturant (17th St. and McDowell) for their Pulpo al mojo de ajo (garlic octopus), seven seas cocktail and Sols with lots of lime.

Between meal snacks: My perfect snack would be a rose-flavored French Macaron from Essence Bakery in Tempe.

For a mid afternoon snack I would love to sit outside on the Zinc Bistro patio in Kierland and have the Platter de Mar with Kumamoto oysters and a glass of champagne.

Dinner: For dinner, it would be sitting outside on the terrace at Petite Maison in Old Town Scottsdale, ordering a bunch of different courses, sharing them with my husband and pairing them with good drink; Escargot and moules to start with a Kronenbourg, next Foie Gras with Sauternes, Steak Frites with Bordeaux and their delicious souffle with a nice glass of port.

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