First Taste

First Taste: Blanco Tacos + Tequilla

By Jonathan McNamara


See more shots from Blanco in our slide show.

There's no shortage of Mexican places in Phoenix. Whether you're jonesing for a quick stop at the Taqueria or just looking for the best glass of horchata, you're almost never more than five minutes away. 

Amidst this plethora of Mexican selections, Blanco Tacos + Tequilla has opened up shop in Scottsdale offering Mexican food with a chic twist.

It's worth mentioning that the decor at Blanco is a cool mixture of different shades of blue with deep brown tables and chairs reflecting light from the fire pits on the deck area. Que rico!

But this slick take on Mexican cuisine doesn't end with the interior design. 

Take the margaritas for example. Order a house on the rocks and you'll get the standard, delicious drink you know and love. Or you can order the pomegranate and grapefruit version for a 'rita with an added zip. We also tried a vanilla margarita that blesses the tongue with a hint of vanilla flavor on the back end of every sip. 

Every bit as kicked up were the nachos at Blanco. Hearing the term, you may imagine melted cheese on stale corn discs, but you'd be oh-so wrong. What showed up at the table was a mound of shredded beef, diced avacado, fresh chopped veggies and beans atop crispy chips and covered in a deliciously thin cheese sauce. Move over, Velveeta! 

Up next was a duo of entrees that arrived in their own miniature skillets surrounded by side dishes of risotto and pickled carrot strips. Beef fajitas with onions and tomatos had an almost stewed texture to them. The Enchiladas came covered in a bubbling green tomatillo sauce.

Dessert was a tres leches cake half-submerged in its own milk. Any other joint would serve a cube of cake sitting in a puddle. This was intoxicatingly sweet and almost like eating a pudding with a cake thrown in for texture. 

If you're interested in supping on desserts with texture and can wrangle your primal urge for Mexican food into a blazer check out Blanco Tacos + Tequilla.