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Recreational Shrimping, Waffle Dicks In a Box and Other Taiwanese Night Market Finds From Eddie Huang (NSFW)

New York City restaurateur Eddie Huang found a stand that serves cream filled penis waffles when he traveled to Taiwan's fabled Shilin Night Market for Vice. Apparently the stand advertises that they're great for parties and as gifts to "scare" your friends.

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Thankfully he tried a few other things while he was there. Like stimulant-laced but legally procured betel nut. And a sausage stuffed inside another sausage and wrapped in a "sticky rice condom." Needless to say the episode is filled with Huang's outsize personality and penchant for the crude but hilarious.

Penis-shaped food isn't exactly unprecedented in Asia. There is a now (in)famous fertility festival in Japan where penis-themed food is extremely popular. Admittedly this stand doesn't appear to have any religious overtones. Instead it seems firmly based on the belief that giving you friends a dick in a box is inherently funny, which we suggest is true. These particular treats look an awful lot like Japanese taiyaki so we can presume they're pretty tasty in addition to being great conversation starters.

The indoor shrimping however, is a distinctly Taiwanese tradition of recent creation. The Los Angeles Times ran a piece on it last month. While it may seem odd to us that people would pay upwards of $20 to fish for shrimp in an indoor pool for a couple hours, it actually starts to make sense when you consider just how crowded and urbanized Taiwan is.

While Huang doesn't really get into it in the video, shrimping in Taiwan is basically like heading to a local bar in the US. You buy some booze, a plate of fried rice and you hangout along the edge of the pool drinking beer and waiting for a bite. Sounds pretty relaxing, actually.

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