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Citizen Public House Opens Their Sort-of Secret Cocktail Lounge and Gingerbread Trees in Today's Eater's Digest

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Research and Developement
This Saturday, Scottsdale's Citizen Public House is set to open the doors of their new cocktail lounge, Citizen R+D. Mixologist Richie Moe will be crafting one-of-a-kind cocktail creations in his new tiny cocktail lab which sits above the famed Public House. Accessible only from a semi-secret outside, alley stairwell, guests seeking a cocktail adventure must call the number displayed on the stairway gate to see if they have room for you to join the party -- R+D only holds 30 people, so don't take it personally if they say no. It's not you, they're full. The drink menu will be constantly changing but this Saturday, if you can make it in the door, prepare to be wowed by tableside gin and tonics (they're going to make the gin at your table), the Cotton Cooler with fresh-spun cotton candy, and the Paint Can Punch, which uses an actual vintage paint can shaker to shake up the concoction of fresh citrus, falernum syrup (an historic syrup that has been used to sweeten up tropical cocktails since the 18th century) and Bols Genever (it's gin). Reservations are NOT accepted. You're just going to have to take your chances and go. Click here to see the complete list of opening night cocktails.  

14 Days of December Desserts -- Day 10

The holidays wouldn't be the holidays without a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies. We really love this cookie recipe from Renee at Sweet Sugar Bean because nothing beats freshly baked cookies with lemon icing. Nothing. You can find the recipe and tons of pretty pictures right here

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