Petit Fromage Goes On Hiatus This Weekend

This Saturday will be the last chance you can swing by cheese goddess Lara Mulchay's artisanal cheese and charcuterie spot, Petit Fromage -- for the time being, anyway.

The year-old business, located inside of D'licious Dishes at 7th Avenue and Missouri, will be "on hiatus," Mulchay says, as she takes on a full-time position doing national sales and marketing for Colorado-based MouCo Cheese Company, whose creamy, oozy ColoRouge cheese is a hit with Mulchay's customers. If you visited her table at Devoured, Twestival, or other events, this cheese was the one that got people coming back for seconds -- or thirds.

"They've got a smokin' product, and they're awesome people," Mulchay says.

Mulchay says that although the Petit Fromage "concept itself is hugely popular," the current location hasn't been the right fit. While she travels around the country working for MouCo, she'll also keep her options open here; she envisions Petit Fromage as "more of a destination, with beer and wine." Arcadia is the likely location.

It's the kind of hangout Mulchay has long wanted to see happen in Phoenix.

In the meantime, Mulchay still has cheese events and classes in the works, and will also be doing events for MouCo.