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Fox Restaurant Concepts Planning to Open a (Shh...) on Camelback Road

2012 sure is looking like a busy year for Sam Fox.

In February, the restaurateur's company, Fox Restaurant Concepts, partnered with the largest T.G.I. Friday's franchisee and announced plans to open several Zinburgers in 23 states. That same month, FRC hooked up with Scottsdale-based P.F. Chang's, who acquired a 51-percent majority interest in True Food Kitchen. Two weeks ago, Fox's company gave notice that its gastropub, Culinary Dropout, was expanding to Las Vegas (an additional location in Phoenix discovered earlier this year has not yet opened.)

And lest we forget, Fox was also selected as a semifinalist for the 2012 James Beard Awards in the category of Outstanding Restaurateur.

So what's the newest scuttle?

A source tells me that Fox has leased some land on Camelback Road, west of 40th Street, which puts it close to Vincent on Cameback and within walking distance of its NoRTH Fattoria Itlalia location in Arcadia which opened last November.

Fox Restaurant Concepts isn't ready to announce what's going in the Camelback spot yet, but given that 2012 is looking to be "The Year of the Fox" (there, I said it), it's a given it won't be the last we'll hear from the restaurateur.

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