Guilty Pleasures

Limited Edition Fruit Punch Oreos: We Tried Them So You Don't Have To

The Guilty Pleasure: Limited Edition Fruit Punch Oreos Where to Get It: Walmart, of course! Price: About $3 What it Really Costs: A few hours of your taste buds' ability to actually taste.

We wish we were joking but no, these fruit punch flavored Oreos are a real thing. Like the watermelon Oreos you may or may not remember from last summer, they're a "limited edition" variety of cookie that will only be available at Walmart while supplies last.

Luckily for those fruit punch Oreo fans out there, we have a feeling that's going to be for a long while.

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The fruit punch-flavored Oreo is just the latest in an ever-growing line of flavored cookies. For those of you who don't often frequent the snack aisle, you can now find Oreos in varieties including mint, birthday cake, lemon, and even "ice cream rainbow shure, bert!" (seriously).

With all these crazy flavors flying around, you'd thing the food scientists at Nabisco would have long ago mastered the art of infusing creme with relatively realistic tasting flavors. Unfortunately that's not true.

When you open a package of the fruit punch Oreos, you'll immediately be hit with an unmistakably familiar smell. I would best compare it to a strong smell of red Starbursts mixed with an unpleasant acidic aroma that often accompanies artificial fruit flavor. I don't think I can stress enough how strong these smells are once you open the package.

If you can get beyond that to actually taste the cookie, you're likely to find that it tastes like fruit punch-flavored cough syrup. The fruit punch flavor is definitely there, but so strong that its probably much too overpowering for most.

But the worst part of it all is the aftertaste. The creme from the fruit punch flavored Oreos leaves a film of cherry-flavor in your mouth that persists for quite a while. I couldn't even finish the whole cookie.

I guess, if you're a die-hard fruit punch enthusiast, these cookies might be acceptable snacks. But for those who don't enjoy the flavor of the artificial fruit drink, there's really no reason to hunt a box down.

And we definitely don't recommend eating them with milk.

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