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Iced-Coffee Flight at Phoenix's Vovomeena and Orange Juice With Espresso

We think you've seen a Yama Tower by now. But in case you blinked, it's a wall mounted, cold-brewing glass apparatus that resembles an hourglass and is responsible for a lot of badass coffee drinks currently served around the world.

At the 7th Ave. and McDowell breakfast and lunch joint Vovomeena, when it comes to the tower, they aren't playing. A wall of Yama's is the backdrop for the coffee counter section of the restaurant and it is nothing short of majestic. Barista Ryan Avery offers a couple options for those in need of a creative coffee fix. One is getting multiple infused brews going in the morning, serving them separately or together in a coffee flight that allows for a sampling of the day's creations. Of course you can always get it straight up if flavor isn't your cup

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Our three-joe iced flight included orange peel and chocolate, star anise and cardamom, and ginger mint, each using fresh ingredients integrated into the brewing process. Each flavor combination worked well as an infusion with the hearty roast the restaurant gets from the Roastery of Cave Creek.

Orange peel and chocolate was a lot more subtle than it sounded. The anise-laden drink was dance-y on the tongue, but it was the ginger mint that stood out the most. The coffee served as balance between the ginger and mint; the whole combo tingly and refreshing. The "Good Morning, Vietnam" is an outstanding way to rejuvenate. A shot of espresso is stirred into a tall glass of nice-n-cold orange juice. Yeah, yeah, it doesn't sound all that appealing, but give it try. It is just enough espresso to derail the sweetness while becoming intense in a whole different way.

Vovomeena's coffee crew also offers a selection of drinks on the down low via the "Watergate" menu, which one can peruse and purchase from by obtaining a secret password. We may or may not know what the word is but our lips are sealed.

Five fun - - or as he calls them - - boring facts about barista Ryan Avery:

1. He has 4 longhaired dachshunds.

2. He is of the married kind.

3. He rocks and he rolls.

4. He drinks an average of 2 gallons of water a day.

5. He is never sure what people would consider a fun fact about him.

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