Monday Night Martha: Lime Cooler

This June has been Arizona's coldest since 1913. But even the coldest of Arizona summers are warm by the rest of the country's standards, with highs in the 90s at least.

Still, most of us are aware that we're living on stolen time, and we know that any day now, the real summer will kick in -- the summer of searing hot steering wheels and sidewalks that scald barefeet. When that eventuality happens, try making yourself one of these lime coolers.


One Lime Popsicle (remove the stick - obviously)
1/2 Cup Lemonade or Limeade
1/2 Cup Sparkling Water
Fresh Mint

It turns out the word Popsicle is a registered trademark owned by the British and Dutch corporation Unilever, so technically we probably should be telling you to use a lime-flavored "ice pop" or "frozen treat." We really did use Popsicles though, so we feel safe here.

Pour the sparkling water and lemonade into a blender. Remove the frozen Popsicle from the stick. If you're using a sharp knife (which you probably shouldn't do), be careful not to end up with wooden shards in your drink. Add the frozen mush to the blender.

Chop up a few leaves of mint and add that as well, then blitz the hell out of everything for 30 seconds or so. Pour the blend over ice for a cold, summery drink. This recipe makes one serving.