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The Mexican Gyro: A Mighty, Mouthwatering Mash-Up of Flavor

Greek and (especially) Mexican food are standards on the Valley's culinary scene, but it's a rare occasion when they're spotted in the same dish.

Enter the Mexican Gyro, a mash-up sandwich of the most mighty and mouthwatering kind.

Available during lunchtime (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) at Astor House, the charming little eatery right next door to Tuck Shop in the residential heart of the Coronado District, the Mexican Gyro can be found in the middle of a small listing of sandwiches and for six bucks.

Okay, so the pita bread is the sandwich's only Mediterranean contribution, but it's a substantial one -- it has to be to hold all those tasty Mexican ingredients. Served up warm, pillow-y soft, and slightly sweet, it arrives like a giant food smile packed with top-notch green chile pork -- tender and with a nice, subdued burn -- tomatillo, killer-fresh corn salsa, lime, and a side of crema.

Helpful hint: save a piece of the gyro for assisting in scooping up what deliciousness falls out of the sandwich while consuming.

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