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Drank "Extreme Relaxation" Beverage: Weed in a Can, or Just Another Gimmick?

It's been called "weed in a can" and "a can of drag ass" by media, but does Drank really offer a mellow buzz?

We must admit, we were skeptical of the powers within this purple aluminum can. When somebody told us about Drank, the "extreme relaxation" beverage, two thoughts crossed our mind: one, extreme relaxation doesn't sound very fun (more like a coma), and two, there's already been a relaxation beverage around for years. It's called beer.

Still, "weed in a can"? We had to try it. The woman at DJ's Smoke Shop in Mesa, where we purchased our can of Drank, swore that not only did it work, but it tasted delicious, too -- like Grape Kool-Aid.

She was definitely right on the second point. Drank is damn tasty, bursting with sweet, carbonated grape flavors. The flavor is somewhere between grape soda and Kool-Aid, and lacks the funky herbal aftertaste of many energy drinks. But like energy drinks, it's loaded with sugar (52 grams per 16-ounce can) and 100 percent the recommended daily allowance of vitamins B3, B6, B12, and B5.

Sugar and a hefty B vitamin complex can boost energy, so we weren't sure Drank would actually relax us. The relaxing ingredients in Drank are Valerian Root Extract (10 mg), Rose Hips Extract (10 mg), and Melatonin (1 mg).

Valerian Root is from a flowering plant that's been used medicinally since the time of ancient Greece. Roman physician Galen of Pergamon prescribed it for insomnia, and it's still used as an over-the-counter herbal sleeping aid. Melatonin is a naturally-occurring compound made in our pineal glands. Research shows that large doses of Melatonin (50 mg or more) dramatically increases REM sleep time and dream activity, but that dosages as small as .03 mg can be effective as a sleep aid.

We're not sure what the Rose Hips Extract in Drank is supposed to do. As an herbal supplement, it's used mostly as an anti-inflammatory, so maybe the idea is the Rose Hips Extract will relax sore muscles.

Of course, none of the information above has been evaluated by the FDA, so the best we can give you is our opinion, and that is: Drank has the potential to be relaxing, but it can't touch more traditional things (like booze) for making you sleepy. And it is certainly not equivalent to "weed in a can."

We guzzled our can of Drank one night (mainly because it tasted so good), and waited to get mellow. We did feel slightly relaxed, but not the least bit sleepy. Physically, our muscles weren't so achy, but mentally, we were still abuzz. That didn't surprise us, considering we drink mass amounts of caffeine every day.

For someone who doesn't have a mammoth's tolerance to stimulants, Drank could very well do the trick. But people who try Drank hoping to get a mellowed high like they would from marijuana will be disappointed. As for us, we'll drink it again just for the yummy, fruity flavor.