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Paul Lindsay Promoted to Executive Chef at Chelsea's Kitchen

Paul Lindsay appears to be on the fast track at the La Grande Orange dynasty. On Monday, the former chef of La Grande Orange Pizzeria and the Arcadia Room was promoted to executive chef of Chelsea's Kitchen.

Lindsay started at Chelsea's Kitchen before being transferred to LGO and the Arcadia Room in July, where he also assisted in opening Jose Roux, the traditional Mexican eatery in the Southwest terminal at Sky Harbor Airport.

"LGO Hospitality as a whole is an appealing company because it's not cookie-cutter corporate, and the owner and partners have no desire to go that way," Lindsay told Chow Bella in an interview in September. "Fortunately, everything Bob [Lynn] touches goes to gold -- he's a visionary. And it's very unique to have an owner that was also a chef for 35-40 years."

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