Chow Bella

Beer, Cheese, and Chocolate

On Christmas Eve, after drinking half a bottle of Amy Silverman's fantastic limoncello and spending several hours cooking up a storm in my tiny kitchen (the windows were fogged up when I was finally done!), I settled in front of the TV to watch The Darjeeling Limited and relax for a couple hours. But the movie had hardly started before I realized I needed something to nibble on.

Somehow, in my overfed, slightly tipsy state of mind, I stumbled upon what might be the perfect snack combination: room-temperature Stilton cheese, some Mo's Bacon Bar (the Vosges chocolate with smoked bacon bits and sea salt in it), and a pint of Stone Smoked Porter (a delicious beer that's almost as smoky as barbecue).

I am too happy at the thought of those three flavors together. You should try it! -- Michele Laudig