10 Favorite Spots for French Toast in Metro Phoenix

Since we are adults and all, we tend to skip breakfast's sweet friend, French toast. But every once in a while we give in to our sweet tooth and order up the genius combination of eggs, milk, and bread.

And when we do decided to give in to our French toast cravings, we can't resist these ten Valley restaurants take on the sweet breakfast treat.

10. Baked Cinnamon Pecan French Toast, The Duce -- Phoenix's favorite warehouse-turned-watering hole also serves up some pretty good food. Everything is made from scratch in their 1965 Streamline Trailer including their incredibly tasty French Toast. Three slices of thick bread are coated in a light egg mixture and topped with cinnamon and pecans and then baked until the cinnamon and vanilla have turned into a gooey delicious caramelized masterpiece. Don't forget to pair the dish with a fresh squeezed mimosa!