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Whataburger Chorizo Taquito & Breakfast on a Bun: Eating With Your Eyes Closed a Good Idea

Southwestern fast food guinea pigs, unite! San Antonio-based Whataburger is on a limited-time, new-menu-item blitz across its 10-state territory, trying out various specials across three regions. We (Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas) get Whataburger's better-than-birds-falling-from-the-sky Green Chile Double burger and two spicy new morning items: the Chorizo Taquito and Breakfast on a Bun sandwich.

Only available between 11 p.m. and 11 a.m. (rave hours, yo!), the Chorizo Taquito features scrambled eggs, chorizo, American cheese, jalapeños, and picante sauce wrapped in a tortilla. The Breakfast on a Bun sandwich includes chorizo, fried egg, American cheese, and jalpeños on, you guessed it, a bun.

Are the new, limited-time, test-o-matic breakfast treats worth the trip? Let's find out, but whatever you do, don't open your eyes.'s okay. I know, I know. Frightening, isn't it? Try and be brave, like Henry Potter or one of those pale-faced teens from Twilight.

Pros: There's enough chorizo in Whataburger's Chorizo Taquito to mix nicely with the eggs and American (ugh) cheese. There's also a bit of heat from the jalapeños, but not much, which is okay since the unique and spicy flavor of the chorizo is what I wanted to taste, and did. I took a few bites without the picante sauce. Okay, but better with it as an additional texture and flavor complement to the chorizo. And you can get the combo for under five bucks which ain't such a bad deal.

Cons: However good the Chorizo Taquito may taste now, it would be better with potatoes. I'm just sayin'.

And the Breakfast on a Bun? Please. A sad attempt on Whataburger's part to pander to scrambled egg and tortilla haters. File under: Why Bother?

Would Fry Girl Order One Again? While I'm currently on a Wendy's breakfast kick, I'd order up a Whataburger Chorizo Taquito in a pinch if I were in the neighborhood. It's a solid special item with limited-time appeal (HURRY, BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF CHORIZO!) Just kidding. What say you, Whataburger Wonderfolk? Have you had the Chorizo Taquito or Breakfast on a Bun from Whataburger? What did you think?