Professional Gingerbread Houses at the Biltmore

Remember when you used to make gingerbread houses with your mom, and you'd get frosting smeared all over your hands, which then covered random bits of the house, and you stuck way too many gumdrops on the windows, and the chimney was pretty lopsided?

Well, you won't be seeing anything like that at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, which is currently displaying seven gingerbread houses designed by professional architects and designers.

Wow, we'd love that job.


The designers worked with Valley pastry chefs, including peeps from My Goodness Cakes and Classic Cakes and Confections, to create the masterpieces, which are currently up for bid in a silent auction to benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital. The bidding stops Saturday, December 19, and the houses will stay on display until Sunday, December 20.

Some of the notable architect and design companies include Fitch, Circle West and FM Group, and from the looks of the sizes of the delicious digs, they could house small children--or feed you for an entire week.