Battle of the Dishes

Hamburger Havoc: The Habit Burger vs In-N-Out

This week we will be pitting relative newcomer The Habit Burger Grill against venerable In-N-Out in a patty-to-patty battle for hamburger supremacy.

The Burger: Double cheeseburger with all the fixings.

For the sake of equality, In-N-Out's secret menu items were omitted from our comparison.

The Habit Burger is up first in our battle of the burgers

In One Corner:The Habit Burger Grill
960 N. 54th Street, Chandler

The Set Up: In the interest of consistency we went to The Habit Burger around 5 PM, just as the dinner time rush began. The menu was more complex than In-N-Out's but we stuck to our guns and ordered a double charburger.We noticed that bacon was an option so we disregarded our testing protocols and went for straight for the pork. 
Pros: We were satisfied by the heft and consistency of the hamburger. The bed of pickles was a nice touch and we appreciated the bacon option. 
Cons:Our two biggest complaints were the bun and the lettuce. The bun was odd to say the least, it didn't appear to be toasted and was neither pillow soft nor hearty and thick. It was just there, holding the rest of the ingredients in roughly the correct configuration. The burger also featured shredded lettuce that lacked the fresh texture that we associate with a good burger. The bacon was another weak spot, we had dreams of thick slices of bacon heaven but instead were faced with what can only be described as bacon shards.  

In the Other Corner:
In-N-Out Burger
1342 S. Alma School Rd., Mesa

The Set Up: If you have been to an In-N-Out, then you have likely had the exact same experience we had. We beat the dinner rush, ordered and got our food quickly.  
Pros: This is the archetype for the classic fast-food burger. The ingredients are simple but fresh and carefully applied. The difference between hand-leafed lettuce and shredded is incredible. While it isn't for everyone, we appreciate that In-N-Out isn't afraid to offer a full slice of onion instead of onion bits. The burger, taken as a whole, is completely integrated and each bite brings the right combination of texture and flavor. 
Cons: Unlike with The Habit Burger, you won't be able order avocado, bacon, or mushrooms on your burger. 

The Verdict: If The Habit Burger has fanboys, we're sure they'll cry for our blood. The Habit Burger has a great deal to be proud of but falls short of the In-N-Out burger experience. In-N-Out simply has a better base burger. At the end of the day The Habit Burger is likely aiming for a different core audience than In-N-Out and their varied menu is proof of that. We'll be back for their onion rings and to try their other menu items.

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