Sunday at Devoured: Payton Curry, Bite Me Brownies and the Latest Pop-Up

Payton Curry, the recently resigned head chef of Caffe Boa, started off the event with a DIY demo on how to make your own sausages, pates, and terrines. While he only got through the sausages on the agenda, his personality was enough to carry the remainder of the demo and tasting through to completion. Moving forward from his recent resignation, Curry describes his new concept of Guerrilla Gourmet as a venture where "you might like it, you might love it, but those are your only choices." Anyone interested in hosting a private party (that you may like or love) or engaging in private cooking lessons may contact the chef at his website

​The remaining cooking demos were graced by the likes of Bernie Kantak of Citizen Public House, Matt Smith of recent Caffe Boa promotion demonstrating how to make headcheese, and Justin Beckett of his namesake venture, Beckett's Table

(learn the identity of the newest pop-up restaurant in Downtown Phoenix, and savor the rest of the details after the jump)

Cycle was the newest pop-up Downtown restaurant concept revealed at the festival. It promises to host fresh new chefs in the old Lexington Hotel the summer time comes that the whole place goes tumblin' down via wrecking ball. As interesting and engaging as it sounds, the grapefruit-flavored sno cone we got as a consolation prize tasted a little watered down. Let's hope the restaurant starts on a better foundation. 

Erica O'Neil
Tim O'Connor of Honeymoon Sweets, with his luscious orange blossom cheesecake, among others.

Erica O'Neil
Bite Me Brownies gives Fairytales' an unhappy ending.
We were impressed with Sunday's desserts. Tammie Coe Cakes was on hand to dole out both sweet and savory fare, while Honeymoon Bakery served up cheescake, chocolate and more in the sweltering heat. Lucky for AJ's, the dessert corner was very well shaded and included everything from glazed apple pie bites to raspberry mousse cups. 

​Far and away the best dessert of the day was the salted caramel brownie bites from Bite Me Brownies. These tasty treats are primarily sold online and at the Downtown Phoenix Market, but Fairytale Brownies had best watch their back, because the competition is clearly gunning for them. 

​Other highlights of the festival include the spicy grilled sea scallops from Breadfruit (which we directed everyone else at the festival to get before they sold out!), Kai's luscious quail egg bites (whose table continued on the full roasted pig tradition), the chunky lobster ravioli from A Different Pointe of View, and the green chile cheese fries from Beckett's Table. Province also delivered a strong performance with a light and refreshing ceviche, especially for a place that has only been around for the past couple of days.

Erica O'Neil
Province delivered a solid ceviche for a restaurant that opened only three days ago.
To wash it all down were a variety of palatable wines, beers, and the Roger Clyne special: Mexican Moonshine.

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