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The UK Atomic Fallout Burger: Spiciest Burger in the World?

Eating challenges fall into two basic categories: Those that look unpleasant but doable and those that look like they stand a good chance of killing you. The UK's Daily Mail has reported on one of the later examples.

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The aptly named Atomic Fallout Burger hails from the unsurprisingly named Atomic Burgers restaurant. £25 is the ante to sit at the table and try to power through a triple stacked burger soaked in fiery death and served with a triple serving of their chili fries. People who can demolish the meal in under an hour walk away with a t-shirt, a place on their Wall of Flame and a free proctology consult.

We presume the fallout from the Atomic Fallout Burger is a decription of what happens to you after or if you manage to gut down this burger. The chilies that go into their XXX Fallout Ghost Chili sauce are not to be trifled with. They set the low end of their range with bird's eye chilies, the same chili that gives Thai food its legendary burn. Then they follow that up with Scotch bonnet chilies which can be up to three times spicier than that. Then they add ghost chilies, the mildest of which is equal to the hottest Scotch bonnet and the hottest of which is ten times the heat brought on by the hottest bird's eye chili. Putting that all into perspective, the least of the peppers in this sauce, the bird's eye, is already ten times as hot as the hottest jalapeno. Or for another perspective, the Indian government is looking into weaponizing ghost chilies and even without any creative breeding they're just shy of police pepper spray in terms of burning power.

That in and of itself, fried up with what looks like and assortment of dry chili powders, would be enough to force a full scale meltdown of your intestinal system. Then they drop in pure capsicum extract which is a bit like dropping molten lead on a raging fire to bring the heat up a little. When the chef says that getting pure capsicum on exposed skin wold provide chemical burns, he wasn't kidding.

It's not a surprise that the Daily Mail's chosen champion was unable to complete the challenge. It's actually a little scary to think of what kind of person can make it onto the Wall of Flame.

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