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Saffron Kitchen Says Goodbye to Phoenix

​A bit of bad news popped up on our Facebook feed this past weekend. It was a post from Saffron Kitchen (who brought their savoy pies to Valley farmer's markets each week) which read...

"Here's the news we have been holding off on sharing for as long as possible. We are relocating to the Bay area and will miss you all! Thanks for all the phone calls and e-mails asking for us. It is heartbreaking to move but more importantly it has been an amazing time bringing our pies and chutneys to Arizona. All the best to all of our friends and fans!"

That's great for owner Andrea White and her husband (and their dog) but where in the world are we going to get our savory pie fix now?! Seriously?! We're not trying to be selfish but this is horrible news for the Valley. 

We caught up with White for a super quick chat about the move and the future of Saffron Kitchen. 

So, do you have plans to continue doing the Saffron Kitchen thing after your big move?

We're going to get settled in the Bay Area first and then see what's possible.

Are there any other reasons behind the move besides the fact that the Bay Area is awesome? 

It is a gorgeous place and very similar to where I grew up in South Africa in terms of geography. My husband's company has a large presence in Palo Alto and I hope to get back to sailing, which I miss terribly. 

The big question - is Saffron Kitchen completely done here or will you (and your pies) be out and about a couple more times before the move? 

[Sadly, the answer is no.] My business is exhilarating, exercised my creative juices every day and allowed me  to be involved in my community unlike ever before.  We spent a good part of the summer looking for a permanent home for Saffron Kitchen, creating new recipes and pies and we were planning to be back at the markets this fall.  Once we determined that we would move I decided to hold off.  I will definitely be at the farmer's markets buying goodies from my favorite market friends.  And also I'm judging at the Pie Social in November...can't wait!!!

We'll miss you and your pies Andrea, but we wish you all the luck in the world. California should consider themselves lucky. See you at the Pie Social, November 12 at 2 p.m., Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix. 

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