Five Tequila Cocktails for Grown Ups


Of course we know that real grown-ups drink their tequila straight. From the bottle. Warm. 


But hey, what fun is that? Reading over the drink menu for Thursday's "Cinco de Cycle" -- featuring tequilas flavored with everything from chocolate to coconut -- we were inspired to share some of our favorite Phoenix-created tequlia creations.

Thanks to our sister blog, Jackalope Ranch, we have a stockpile of tasty toasts in the form of the weekly "Cocktail Hour" series. So here are a few of those, with some other faves thrown in for good measure.

1. House Paloma, Spotted Donkey Cantina

A simple concoction of grapefruit juice and Fresca, the secret to the speciality at this north Scottsdale watering hole is in the tequila: Cruz tequila, to be exact. And it's local! So you really are obligated to drink it, what with that whole "locals first" movement and all. Here's the recipe.

Keep drinking after the jump.


2. Tequila Mojito at The Mission

Agave nectar and tequila take the place of rum and simple syrup for a refreshing, lower calorie alternative to our favorite muddled cocktail, served at one of our favorite spots. (Ahhh, the twinkling lights on the patio!) Make your own and maybe the lights will twinkle!  

3. Almond Margarita at St. Francis

Corzo Silver, fresh-squeezed citrus and almond tequila combine for one smooth drink.

4. Serrano Mango Margarita at Canteen Tequila Bar 

This marg -- from one of Mill Avenue's hottest new night spots -- gets its kick from serrano-infused Blanco tequila, sweetened with orange liqueur and mango puree. Here's the recipe.

5. Margarita at SideBar

This simple drink was awarded the 2010 "Best of Phoenix" title for "Best Margarita" -- and what with the muddled lime, fresh lime juice plenty of Jose Cuervo Gold -- we're not so sure we can find one to beat it. We intend to spend the summer trying.

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